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Original Italian Recipes How to make Food

Christmas<br>Crinkle Cookie

Crinkle Cookie

This traditional Christmas Crinkle Cookie recipe will be a big hit with your family and friends this holiday season.
Octopus Tentacles<br>in Tomato Sauce

Octopus Tentacles
in Tomato Sauce

Try the fantastic Octopus Tentacles in Tomato Sauce recipe, prepared by Chef Francesca Busso for us at the Miele showroom.
Peach and Coconut<br>Tart

Peach and Coconut

Chef Francesca Busso, in-house Chef of @MieleUAE, prepared for us an amazing Peach and Coconut Tart
Shrimp and Pesto Risotto

Shrimp and Pesto Risotto

Try out the fantastic Shrimp and Pesto Risotto that Chef Francesca Busso prepared for us at the Miele showroom.
FroYo Berry Cheesecake

FroYo Berry Cheesecake

There's always space for dessert! Put together this quick and delicious recipe, and enjoy! Buon Appetito

Ragú alla Bolognese

    Ingredients:500g beef mince250g ground pork120g tomato sauce50g chopped celery50g diced yellow onion50g diced carrots250g white wine (option...


Ingredients: 250 gr Ladyfingers (Savoiardi biscuits) 300 gr Mascarpone cheese 3 Eggs 75 gr Sugar 185 gr Coffee 50 gr Marsala wine (opti...


IngredientsServes 8 300 g Faella spaghettini 1 tin Robo cherry tomatoes 1 jar tomato sauce Iris 1 kg eggplants 100 g salty ricotta and extr...


Ingredients For the dough: 600 g flour all purpuse Caputo 350 g water 35 G Casinetto extra virgin olive oil A pinch of salt For the filling:...


Tagliatelle Giovanni Rana: the most famous fresh pasta of the Emilia-Romagna culinary tradition. The exclusive “Sfogliagrezza” prepared with the f...

Ravioli with burrata and tomatoes

  Recipe by Chef Francesco Cavazzina INDREDIENTS FOR 4 PEOPLE 300 gr caputo flour for pasta and gnocchi 6 eggs 360 gr burratina cheese 400 gr toma...

Homemade Pizza

Lots of you asked us about the pizza recipe, here we go: homemade pizza! Here is the recipe by Chef Francesco Cavazzina. INGREDIENTSfor 6 people F...