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Natural Sesame Seeds Organic (250gr)

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Sesame seeds are perfect for summer salads or soups and can also be incorporated into the mixture of bread, breadsticks and crackers or use them in the preparation of breading and to gratin the vegetables. Finally, sesame can even be used for the preparation of desserts, along with honey.

About the Product

  • Thanks to the strong presence of calcium, sesame seeds are beneficial for the bones so much to be considered natural supplements of this element; moreover, they possess strong antioxidant properties thanks to their content of phytic acid and lignans.
  • In the kitchen, sesame seeds are a versatile ingredient with a thousand uses. They are the main ingredient for the preparation of tahini sauce, a Middle Eastern seasoning traditionally used to accompany falafel, but also for Gomasio, an excellent alternative of Japanese tradition to cooking salt.
  • Great for salads but also as a side dish
  • No GMO or pesticides
  • Origin Italy