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Goat Cheese Fresh Wooden Tray from Piedmont (100gr x 6pc)

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The tradition of goat cheese is very rooted in the Piedmont where you always produces goat cheese whey. It can be eaten by itself , or with black bread , which enhances the flavor. Accompanied with honey becomes a tasty dessert.

About the Product:

  • Sometimes it presents a slight hint of goat , indicating the start of the process of lipolysis . If it brought seasoning , creamy in the rind ( centripetal maturation ) buying the typical very strong flavor of goat , which sometimes recalls the overripe fruit .
  • Finally in the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola an excellent goat production, in three different seasonings. Goats bred around the famous mountain resort of Macugnaga, with a natural crust flowering. A cheese from the different faces, which from soft can be transformed into full and decisive.
  • Goat pasteurized cheese
  • Made in Piedmont (Italy)
  • Best with orange marmalade, chili jam, fresh fruit, nut bread and grapes