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cadrata cydro tassoni softdrink italian

Cedrata Tassoni - Citron Drink (6 bottles)

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Tassoni Syrup: it is a refreshing soft drink, thirst-quenching and ready to be enjoyed in its ideal dose. A non-alcoholic sparkling drink, sweet but with a hint of sourness to it, of a clear yellow color and bearing the aromas of the citron fruit.

About the Product

  • Cedrata made with citrons of the Cytrus "Diamante" that grew up in the sunny land of Calabria
  • It has a clear and bright yellow color, carbonated and with refreshing acidity
  • Cedrata Tassoni Soda represent the most Iconic Soft Drink in Italy, since more than 60 years!
  • Serving tips: Served chilled or mixed in simple and refreshing punch recipes
  • Price per case
  • One case contains 6 pieces
  • Origin: Italy (Calabria)