Sorbet Ice cream Lemon Sicilian Remeo (500ml) – Casinetto
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Sorbet Ice cream Lemon Sicilian Remeo (500ml)

Sorbet Ice cream Lemon Sicilian Remeo (500ml)

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Gelato Ice Cream Sorbet Lemon extract the juice from the finest variety of Sicilian lemons to create a juicy and intense flavour. Our Limone Sorbetto is perfect when served as a “digestivo” after dinner in a tall Martini glass.

About the Product

  • By using our signature process of “mantecazione” we created a very light Sorbetto with a beautiful smooth and creamy texture.
  • Artisanal Sorbet dairy free
  • Made with pure Sicilian Lemon Juice
  • Gluten free, Vegan, 100% natural ingredients
  • Handmade in Milan

Ingredients: water, lemon juice (22%), sugar, glucose syrup, maltodextrin, natural stabilizer: carob seed flour, lemon essential oil.